Heidorn Consulting designs and writes insurance-related software for PC applications. Two software products already being used in the industry are: IlluStar™, a "mod-reg" compliant life and annuity sales illustration software, and AdMin™, a life and annuity home office administration software for the small-to-mid-sized organizations. To see exactly what each product has to offer, click on one of the images below.


IlluStar™ is Heidorn Consulting's Life and Annuity Sales Illustration software. It runs under Windows® 98 and higher (32-bit OS only) and it supports the NAIC Illustration Model regulation, including in force and revised illustration capabilities.

IlluStar™ consists of a common module that all clients share and client specific calculation modules that are custom designed for each client. This minimizes the risk of program bugs and allows for quick program modifications so we can get you up and running quickly.

To date, IlluStar™ supports the following products:

If you would like to sample a version of IlluStar™, click here to download our demo.

Heidorn Consulting has also prepared a new life and annuity home office administration system, called AdMin™, that is intended to be a cost effective alternative for the smaller to mid-sized organizations.



AdMin™supports many life and annuity products and has many capabilities that include easy entry of client, policy, and agent information, and the ability to generate policy schedule pages and statements of policy cost and benefit information. AdMin™ also features the typical Windows® look and feel, provides an administrator-selected level of security for various home office personnel, and allows multiple-user network access to the various system files.

Versions of this software are being, or have been, used by five Fraternal Benefit Societies. Click here to view some screen shots of AdMin's™ main menus.