Heidorn Consulting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How does Heidorn Consulting charge for its services?

A. Heidorn Consulting charges its clients in one of three ways:



Q. We currently outsource our actuarial needs to another Actuarial firm that we are not happy with. What do you need from us if we want to switch?

A. Heidorn Consulting would need to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your concerns. We would also request the last couple years' Annual Statements and all policy forms that you currently have. Based on this information, we could give you an estimate for our services.



Q. I've heard a lot about IlluStar™. Could you describe what it is and how it can help to sell our policies?

A. IlluStar™ is our Life and Annuity Sales Illustration Software. It is compliant with the NAIC Model Regulation and can show your customers how your specific policy works. Please visit the IlluStar™ pages for more information and for a demo.



Q. We are a small insurance company and our insurance system is out of date. We have looked at many insurance systems, but they are more expensive than we can afford. What do you suggest?

A. Heidorn Consulting currently markets AdMin™, its Life and Annuity Insurance Administration System. Our product is several times less expensive than our competition while still serving the needs of the smaller insurer. Please visit the AdMin™ pages for more information.